Grow your business by
your best customers…
Then find more like them

Jersey’s first modern digital loyalty platform designed to acquire, engage and retain your customers

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Why engage your customers?

No two customers are the same. The way you treat them should reflect this. Connecting with your customers on a PERSONAL level keeps them more engaged with your brand.

With today’s information overload, engagement is paramount. Engaged customers = loyal customers, and loyal customers = your secret weapon for boosting business and revenue.

Given the importance of customer engagement, it’s not surprising that connecting with your customers in a personalised, relevant, and meaningful way becomes a top priority.

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Become a founding

Before our launch in 2019, we're looking for up to 10 local businesses to become our founding members.

As a founding member, you’ll enjoy exclusive perks available ONLY to you. Have your say on what new features we build. Access annual reports for FREE. Check out new versions of the platform before anybody else. But – that’s just the beginning.

BONUS: You’ll also benefit from our introductory offer, available ONLY to our founding members!

With, founding members are for life. Contact us to learn out more about how we can make work for you!

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